Glycoprotein Enrichment PBA Kit-With Phenyl Boronic Acid.

The Glycoprotein Detection Kit is intended for the specific staining of glycoproteins on polyacrylamide gels and films utilizing an alteration of the Periodic Acid-Schiff (PAS) technique. Staining of sugar moieties of glycoproteins yields fuchsia groups with a dry foundation. The intermittent corrosive/Schiff reagent stains vicinal diol bunches tracked down chiefly on fringe sugars and sialic acids and is utilized as an overall glycoprotein stain.


Protein glycosylation is a non-layout driven postranslational change that not just prompts significant item heterogeneity in recombinant protein articulation yet additionally impacts adequacy, circulatory half-life and immunogenicity of the biopharmaceutical drugs. Consequently protein glycosylation has turned into a basic quality property in restorative protein creation and requires a nonstop examination through the whole turn of events and creation cycle.

We offer custom glycan investigation administrations for a wide scope of natural examples

  • Serum antibodies as well as full serum glycan profile
  • Salivation, urinary glycoproteins
  • Recombinant cleaned proteins
  • Protein extricates
  • Exosomes
  • Plant proteins
  • Cell surface glycans

Glycan examination can be exceptionally mind boggling and we will assist you with picking the right system to get the data your truly need. We offer a continually refreshed arrangement of glycan examination modules of expanding intricacy including glycan profiling, structure task and glycosylation site ocupancy for O-and N-glycosylation. Our insightful administrations have been utilized in biomarker disclosure and approval studies, examination of glycan profiles for various creation cell lines, in sensitivity research, process enhancement and beginning phase biopharmaceutical improvement.

Carboquant N-glycan examination

Outright and relative evaluation of N-glycans by MALDI-TOF MS with 13C named inside glycan principles

  • Expansion of 8-10 13C named interior principles
  • Protein denaturation
  • Enzymatic evacuation of N-glycans
  • Glycan investigation by MALDI-TOF MS
  • Speculative pinnacle task and measurement with committed evaluation programming

Profiling of permethylated N-glycans by MALDI-TOF MS

  1. Semiquantitative investigation of N-glycan structures by MALDI-TOF MS after derivatisation with methyliodide to increment signal force balance out labile sialic corrosive buildups.
  2. Protein denaturation
  3. Enzymatic expulsion of N-glycans
  4. Naming (permethylation)
  5. Glycan examination by MALDI-TOF MS
  6. Conditional pinnacle task and evaluation.

Rabies infection (RABV)

Rabies lyssavirus, is a dangerous neurotropic infection that causes rabies in people and creatures. Rabies infection has an incredibly wide host range and its transmission most frequently happen through the salivation of creatures. Without intercession before illness movement, rabies has the most elevated case casualty of any irresistible sickness. RABV contains a solitary abandoned negative-sense RNA genome that encodes five primary proteins: nucleoprotein (N), phosphoprotein (P), lattice protein (M), glycoprotein (G), and RNA-subordinate RNA polymerase (L). Among these viral proteins, the RABV glycoprotein (RABV-G) is a vital player intervening infection passage and the significant objective of killing antibodies, consequently a critical component for immunization and medication plan.

Glycoprotein Enrichment PBA Kit – With Phenyl Boronic Acid

Cis-diol explicit, enhances heterogeneous arrangements of glycoproteins
Exposes glycoproteins from high overflow proteins, most remarkably egg whites
Expendable, no section recovery or cross-defilement
Productive new surface innovation ideal for proteomic applications
Advances and cleans glycoproteins from blood, serum, plasma, tissue or cell culture media.
Eliminates > 90% of serum egg whites (the non-glycosylated portion)
Sorbitol elution at pH 7.5 – 8.5

Versatile to a high-throughput 96-well arrangement.

Silica has been an industry standard as a worthwhile framework reasonable for superior execution fluid chromatography. With NuGel, vague locales have been for all intents and purposes disposed of making it an optimal help for fondness sanitization. Through a restrictive polymer covering, silica is crosslinked shaping a responsive Poly-Epoxy usefulness stable across a wide pH range (pH 2 to 10). From this primary science, all of the NuGel partiality items are determined.

NuGel™ Glycoprotein Enrichment PBA Kit

NGPBA-10 Biotech Support Group 10 preps 571.2 EUR

NuGel™ Glycoprotein Enrichment PBA Kit

NGPBA-50 Biotech Support Group 50 preps 540 EUR

Enrichment Medium

M318-500G EWC Diagnostics 1 unit 41.2 EUR

ER Enrichment Kit (20 tests)

P536 101Bio - Ask for price

Leptospira Enrichment

FD066-5VL EWC Diagnostics 1 unit 33.16 EUR

*Leptospira Enrichment

FD066-5X5VL EWC Diagnostics 1 unit 128.99 EUR

KL Virulence Enrichment (1000ml)

FD072M-1000ML EWC Diagnostics 1 unit 121.51 EUR

Neo Enrichment Broth

M1733-500G EWC Diagnostics 1 unit 82.79 EUR

KL Virulence Enrichment (500ml)

FD072D-500ML EWC Diagnostics 1 unit 61.59 EUR


L12-110-10kg Alphabiosciences 10 kg 1746 EUR


L12-110-2kg Alphabiosciences 2kg 426 EUR


L12-110-500g Alphabiosciences 500 g 159.6 EUR

MinuteTM ER Enrichment Kit (20 tests)

ER-036 Inventbiotech each 545 EUR

Fraser Secondary Enrichment

M1083-100G EWC Diagnostics 1 unit 19.88 EUR

Pre - Enrichment Broth Base

M1178-500G EWC Diagnostics 1 unit 44.78 EUR

Fraser Enrichment Supplement

FD065-5VL EWC Diagnostics 1 unit 21.95 EUR

PhosphoSeek? Phosphoprotein Enrichment Kit

K1402-2 Biovision each 529.2 EUR

PhosphoSeek? Phosphoprotein Enrichment Kit

K1402-6 Biovision each 940.8 EUR

The Phenyl Boronic Acid (PBA) ligand is immobilized through the NuGel poly-Epoxy linkage with connection through the amino gathering. While different lectins tie to explicit saccharide deposits, the PBA ligand ties to the 1,2-cis-diol gatherings of biomolecules and improves for heterogeneous arrangements of glycoproteins containing both N-connected and O-connected oligosaccharides. A simple and quick twist channel design simplifies glycoprotein enhancement beginning from 50µl serum, or 1-2 mg all out protein.

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